January 18, 2015

Non-Proper Problem Solving

If this happens to you then you just need help:

January 13, 2015

Lean Startup Board Game

I really liked the Kanban Board Game, hope this Lean Game will become a reality:

January 12, 2015

"Lean Startup" - Leicht verständlich

Ein sehr guter Foliensatz, der Lean Startup anschaulich anhand von Startups, Unternehmen und Enterprises darstellt: Lean Startup - Auch in erwachsenen Unternehmen?

January 10, 2015

Technical Design Tradeoffs

Development teams should not think of it as making technical design decisions but managing tradeoffs. There is no optimal decision and the tradeoff does not automatically lead to technical debt.

Why Deployment Freezes Don't Prevent Outages

Think about this, every time you say "Never touch a running system!":

The Tyranny of the Ever Decreasing Timebox

A classic reference, a must have read in Agile Development: The Tyranny of the Ever Decreasing Timebox - David J Anderson