June 18, 2015

Github - Automatic VM Creation with Packer and Virtualbox

You always wanted to spin up VM's from latest available ISO images automatically? You want full control of what's installed on your VM? You like CentOS? Then this is the perfect place for you!

June 13, 2015

Release and Version Vagrant Boxes with Atlas

Vagrant is an amazing flexible management tool for VM (Virtual Machines). You can easily build, run and deploy Virtualbox, VMWare, AmazonWS and more VMs. Atlas is a platform for uploading and managing Vagrant boxes. I can build and upload new boxes and download my boxes to any environment and deploy them when needed.

I have several vagrant boxes under configuration and adjust them when necessary. New boxes will be rolled out and each box is checked daily by a nightly build. Old version will be still available and replaced seamlessly. In this tutorial I want to show how I implemented a release cycle for Atlas.

The release cycle is described in this Tutorial.

Project and code can be found in the Github repository blacklabelops/packercentos.

June 12, 2015

BlackLabelOps Automatic VM Creation

I finished my first Packer project! It creates a Virtualbox CentOS 7.1 Image for Vagrant on the fly!

I use this project as a base box for:
  • Creating a Vagrant base box for my examples.
  • Creating a Docker base image for my examples.
  • Testing versioning and releasing of VMs on Github and Atlas.
  • Testing continuous integration with Packer.