June 05, 2012

What You Should Know As A Software Professional

Have you ever wondered what you should know to name yourself a software developer? From the book Clean Coder:

  • Design patterns. You ought to be able to describe all 24 patterns in the GOF book and have working knowledge of many of the patterns in the POSA books.
  • Design principles. You should know the SOLID principles and have a good understanding of the component principles.
  • Methods. You should understand XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Waterfall, Structured Analysis, and Structured Design.
  • Disciplines. You should practise TDD, Object-Oriented design, Structured Programming, Continuous Integration, and Pair Programming.
  • Artifacts: You should know how to use: UML, DFDs, Structure Charts, Petri Nets, State Transition Diagrams and Tables, flow charts, and decision tables.
Sounds pretty much but distributed in a 20 year career its a pretty reasonable career plan. What's harder:
  1. Being able to apply the knowledge in your local work environment.
  2. Being able to remember it. I usually tend to forget most design patterns in a matter of months.

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