January 23, 2013

Yes, I Kanban!

I think I have not mentioned it before. But well, Yes, I Kanban. I like that slogan :) I mean I do software Kanban. Kanban is a methodic in mass production. Mass production is a discipline in production management. I think its the perfect buzz word and people want to imply some things.

First of all Kanban kind of rescued the automobile industry. So it will be able to rescue your software development, or? Secondly, it implies that software can be mass produced which is just wrong. So forget that and stick to the virtues of Software Kanban.

How does Software Kanban work? Follow this comic "One Day in Kanban Land".

Do not be misled by the buzz word, Kanban is not just buzz. Kanban is one of many software development methodologies. It can be aligned or combinated with Scrum and Xtreme Programming. It is higly adaptable and can be easily applied to new and running projects. It is considered as the entry stone to agile development.

It belongs in your tool box.

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