August 30, 2009

Online Tools

In the recent time I had several problems using multiple computers. This is not unusual as you easily accumulate several devices:
  • Desktop Computer (Gaming and Performance)
  • Laptop (Work, Mobility)
  • Netbook (Video Conferencing and Communication)
There are several issues when using multiple computers like synchronisation of data, backup of data, access of data. Also the browser is relevant as I had problems with bookmarks and passwords for sites. Currently I am still evaluation the following online services:
  • Mozy - Online Backup (2GB free account)
  • SugarSync - Online Synchronization (2GB free account)
  • Xmarks - Online Synchronization of Bookmarks and Passwords (free account)
So far I had no problems but I also suggest to test online services before paying for them. The services offer high encryption and user defined PIN codes. I hope there is no security risk but I still have to monitor some online sites for problems with these services. You never know, you can just hope. It has to be noted that client software for these services are only available for Windows and sometimes for Mac computers. SugarSync also offers synchronization software for mobile devices. All services can be easily upgraded to flate rate accounts and are also quite cheap.

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