August 30, 2009

Web Services Challenge 2010

The Web Services Challenge 2010 is still in planning but I want to describe some innovations. The innovations of the Web Services Challenges are dependent on resources. This means persons and money. The financial support is yet to be confirmed and so I can only give a rough list of ideas and changes. The project itself and a timetable cannot be planned at the moment. Please bear in mind, any changes in the WS Challenge means a lot of work for us, sometimes I even think more for us than for the participants. Each change in the challenge means a new testset generator, document formats, documentation, client application and of course a solution checking software. In contrast to the participant's composition system we have to ensure 100% bug free software. Otherwise the whole WS Challenge pointless and its results would be worthless. I am glad to say that we have successfully organized and improved the WS Challenge so far and of course want to continue our good work.

The WS Challenge 2010 will introduce a dynamic environment where both services and their Quality of Service (QoS) change. The initial set of services that are provided for the initialization of the composition system will be updated frequently. Services will be added and removed from the initial set of services. Furthermore, the QoS parameters on response time and throughput will change. Service changes and QoS values will be updated through a client application and the composition system has to answer with updated compositions. We will evaluate the time the composition system needs to respond with updated compositions and also the QoS of the overall composition which is comparable to last year. The proceedings will be as follows:
  1. Composition System Initialization with WSDL, WSLA and OWL.
  2. Sending the WSDL Request.
  3. The Composition System responds with a valid composition.
  4. Sending a list of removed services.
  5. Sending a list of new services.
  6. Sending a list of updated QoS parameters.
  7. The Composition System responds with a valid composition.
  8. Steps 4 to 7 can be repeated several times.
This is just a sketch of what we want to achieve in 2010 and still unconfirmed. I am open for any suggestions and hope for a lively discussion.

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  1. Great. This is a good idea and the challeng will become more interesting and more challenging. Thanks for your excellent work! -- Wei jiang